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Christ Episcopal Church's Friday Fellowship

January 15, 2020 

~ An Update from the Rector ~

Grace and Peace to you this Friday, this is the 2nd Friday in the season of Epiphany


A couple of Sunday’s back we talked about this time between Christmas and Lent as one in which our hearts and minds turn to responding to God’s gift of the incarnation, similar to the way we remember the wise men seeking out the Christ child, remembering along our days God still provides signs of His active presence. These ‘signs’ serve to guide us, but even more to encourage and strengthen us.

Our times now are stand out as so often being unlike any of us have ever faced before. We not only are making our way through the current pandemic but also, one top of that have very real and very pressing concerns over the aftermath of the violence on Capitol Hill January 6th.


Beginning today and throughout the upcoming 6 days leading up to the Presidential inauguration Episcopalians throughout the Diocese of Virginia are invited to pray as one for the peace and healing of our nation. Attached today please find the attachment labeled: “Love Guides Us: Six Days of Prayer”. This contains a reflection on the reading from 1 Corinthians 13: 1-13, which focuses on the power of God’s love, and offers six daily prayers for the healing of our nation.


Concerning our Healthcare Workers: As you will recall we took boxes of snacks to the PMH ER and Inpatient areas last week. In response, I received messages from nurses in our congregation who saw CEC’s cards and snacks this past week. Their messages back were messages of deep appreciation, not only for the snacks, but for the demonstration of our care and concern for them and for their colleagues. Please keep our healthcare workers in your prayers. Their request and hope is that everyone in the community will get vaccinated as opportunities open.


Concerning Annual Meeting and Election of Vestry. We mailed reports and ballots last Friday, January 8th. If you have not yet received your informational packet please let Jill or I know ASAP so we can arrange to get one delivered to you.


Regarding COVID19 Vaccines at present the following appears to be the best way to get registered for your vaccine:


1) If you are over 75 years of age:  PMH has started a vaccine clinic. Several people from our church, over 75 have been successful today in getting appointments by calling:  540-536-6505. 


2) The Virginia of Public Health General Registration can be accessed online

at: https://vdh.jebbit.com/amkwk6m1?fbclid=IwAR0bOIgltHQfaEoML
NOTE: be prepared for this vaccination distribution to be changing as availability of vaccines goes up and down and as the process moves forward into new phases of distribution.


Even though you register for the vaccine you can still call the local Valley Health Vaccine Center for an appointment if you hear your age category is being called up for vaccines.


Valley News, and Page News Courier and other news outlets will continue to keep the community updated.


 If you have questions about taking the vaccine please call your personal health provider for personal advice and consultation.


These vaccines take about 12 days to begin providing protection. In the clinical trials, there was an 85% protective value received from having the first vaccine. A second vaccine is required at about 21 days following the first vaccine and in the clinical trials raised the protective value even more.


As I said in my Annual Meeting Report to you, working together I am very optimistic that 2021 will turn the corner for us with COVID-19. Take care of yourselves as we navigate through these winter months and get as many people vaccinated as possible.


~ Readings for this Sunday ~

1 Samuel 3:1-20
Psalm 139:1-5, 12-17
1 Corinthians 6:12-20
John 1:35-51

~ Prayer Lists ~

Parish Prayer List  Darold Johnson, Ed Gilbert, Steve Kaufmann, Fritz Browne, Ann Holsinger, Ginny Browne, Hugh Browne and son Joey, Pat Lathrop, Katie McAleer, Bill Menefee, Betsy Dilliard, Dotsy Barber, Ross and Jeanne Montgomery, Tom,Diane, Jessica,Matt, Tiffany, Greyson, and Michael Hirsch, David and Kathy Slye and daughters Jamie and Kelly,and Becky Higginbotham.


Parish Birthdays and Anniversaries

Birthday blessings this week to Frances Yates and Willow Silver.

Friends & Family Prayer List Dixon Freeland Jr., Fritz and Jean Trumbore, Victoria Hill, Talley Brown (Jeanne Cave’s brother), Sherry and Mike Meredith, Nelly Texler(Nina Culler’s sister), Joyce M. Ripley, Terry Couse, Mickey Couse, Patsy Painter, Judy Riley, Caroline Melia (Ann and Ginny’s cousin), Vicki Gochenour, Patty Whitmer, Georgia and John Wilmer (Carrie Comer’s parents), Debbie Jenkins, Sherry Smith, Phyllis Alger, Mary Ann Vaughan, Edna Young, Hazel Mills, Margaret Stephenson, Kate Eagle, Susan and Jim Melia (Ann and Ginny’s cousins), Marta Kemmerer (Ann and Ginny’s cousins), Crystal MaRee, Bill and Carol Harrell, Tom Ewing (Becky Higginbotham’s cousins), Carolyn Roesch (Becky Higginbotham’s mom), Lee Roesch (Becky Higginbotham's uncle); Shawane Atkins, Brayden Rodriguez, Jennifer Gibbs and her mom Alison; and for Shirley Whitley, Sherry Smith (Roberta Arcand’s neighbor), Marilyn Jeffries and family, Virginia Martin (Linda Dudley’s mother), Nichole Flood (a dear friend of Pat Lathrop’s diagnosed with breast cancer in the midst of her pregnancy); Beth and Tommy Brennan (Pat Lathrop’s daughter and son-in-law); Michael, Jessica, Matt and Tiffany and Baby Greyson Hirsch (Tom and Diane’s children and grandson), Nate Stambaugh (Diane’s nephew by marriage), Sue and Nick Bush (Diane's sister and nephew); Mike Normolye, RJ Redstrom and parents, Randy and Gretta Miller, Patricia Navarro, Renee Sours, and Heather Peterson, Chuck Smiraldo, Cynthia Hatlee, Nancy Gordon and her grand-daughter Lillie, and for Bill Dixon and others in his household now dealing with COVID-19.


All who serve in the Armed Forces at home and abroadChris Burns, Kara Cave, David Grisdale, Kyle Stewart, Danny Hallman, Bobby Cole, Buck Holsinger, Adam Greenwell, Andrew Fichtler, Steven Higgs, Cooper Martin, Gabe Caton, Joey Browne, and Tom Forrest.

Diocesan and Anglican Cycle of Prayer for the unity and mission of the Anglican Communion; for persecuted and suffering Churches, especially in Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Myanmar and Palestine; for Lutheran, Anglican, Moravian, Roman Catholic & United Methodist dioceses synods & conferences in Virginia and their bishops.

~ Announcements ~

Six Days of Prayer for Peace to Prevail in Our Land
The Bishops of the Diocese of Virginia have invited all Episcopalians to join together in the six days leading up to the inauguration with special prayers each day based on St. Paul’s passage found in 1 Corinthians 13: 1-13 on God’s love. Suggestions for prayers to be offered each day are provided in a handout from the Bishop’s office which as an attachment in today's email. Greeters will have hard copies available on Sunday for anyone who would like one.


As previously introduced, The Education Committee has developed a program with diverse members of the community that will help us grow relationships and become more knowledgeable disciplines of Jesus Christ.  We will be introducing a short 10-15 minute taped conversations with community members via Zoom/Facebook Live to allow maximum flexibility with our challenging schedules. 

On Thursday, January 28th, at 7p.m., Our first guest speaker is Ginny Browne with Jenny Jeffries as the host.


Ginny will discuss her extensive experience as a Park Ranger in Shenandoah National Park, their virtual curriculum and apps as well as President Herbert Hoover and his Rapidan Camp.  There will be an opportunity for the audience to provide questions during the Zoom presentation.  Look for the Zoom link in next week’s Friday’s Newsletter!


We are updating CEC’s Friends and Family Prayer List It’s been a while since we have updated the Friends and Family prayer list. There is no limit to how long names remain on the list, but if you see names that are ready to come off please let Jill know.

Updated Parish Directory to be Published February 1 Twice each year we ask everyone to please review your listing in the parish directory and let Jill know of any changes in address, phone, or email. We will publish the updated directory on Friday, February 5th as part of our Friday email. Greeters at the Sunday service will have a few hard copies available for anyone requesting one.

January 31st Annual Meeting with Vestry Elections Due to the ongoing pandemic Christ Church Luray‘s Annual Meeting and Election of Vestry Nominees will, out of necessity, be held Sunday, January 31st at 12:30 pm online on ZOOM. We realize that not everyone can join us online so for those not able to participate in the meeting on ZOOM, written reports from the Rector, Wardens, and Treasurer will be mailed out January 8thwith voting for Vestry nominees to be held: on Zoom; by mail in ballot, and by email. More information about this will be published in the January Friday Fellowship on January 15, and mail out that same day to those not utilizing email. 


 Church Bulletin: Second_Sunday_after_the_Epiphany.pdf

Sunday Paper: Sunday_Paper_1.17.pdf

Junior Paper: Junior_Paper_1.17.pdf

Prayers: Love_Guides_Us_Prayers.pdf