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                                             Christ Episcopal Church's Friday Fellowship

                                                                                                                                                October 16, 2020



~ An Update from the Rector ~

Grace and Peace to our Christ Church Family!

On this Sunday’s lectionary options is a reading from I Thessalonians, from the first chapter where Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy all join together in a salutation that goes like this:

“We always give thanks to God for all of you and mention you in our prayers, constantly remembering before our God and Father your work of faith and labor of love and steadfastness of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.” (I Thessalonians 1:2-3)

When I read this earlier this week, I immediately thought of the many ways I thank God for you and for the ways our lives, our relationships with one another, and within our circle of family and friends are revealing week by week so much deep and genuine care and affection for one another.

This week when my path would cross with many of yours, I heard you asking me:

·         ‘How’s Susan Zorn following her surgery at UVA this past Tuesday?’ (the answer: Susan’s surgery went very well but the past few days have been a roller coaster experience of up and downs with challenges of pain management. Susan is hoping to come home this weekend and so appreciates all your prayers).

·         Also I heard: ‘Cathy, What’s up with Tom and Diane Hirsch and their family? (the answer:Tom and Diane are constantly coming and going between their farm in Page County and errands of loving care that are taking them to Richmond, or Ohio, as they care for family; baby Greyson is growing and doing well; Jess had a great report from her check up with her surgeon; and Matt is still looking for that perfect kidney… AND Tom and Diane also greatly appreciate your thoughts and prayers for them and their family.

·         And then of course you want to know about Dave and Kathy Slye. Dave is scheduled for surgery at UVA this coming week, on Thursday, October 22nd and I invite your special prayers for them this coming week.

And so, just like Paul, Silvanus and Timothy, with their message to the Thessalonians, I too find myself giving thanks to God, especially in this strange time of COVID-19, for you, and the many ways I experience our lives constantly being shared with one another.

Exciting News!  Beginning Sunday, November 1st (All Saints Sunday) we will restart our Sunday morning services of Holy Eucharist and distribution of Communion among us, as part of our outdoor drive-in worship. To do this safely, so that no one needs to leave the safety of your vehicles, I will bring communion directly to your car window. This tradition of the church universal of sharing in Holy Communion together, is one of the oldest and most central of Christian practices and was of course commanded by Christ Jesus himself. For many of us this weekly practice of gathering together, of confessing our sins, of saying our Eucharistic prayers in which we retell our story of God’s love made real for us in Christ Jesus, can be especially strengthening, especially in times and circumstances of life in which we find life so challenging.

AND….For those of you who have enjoyed our service of Morning Prayer over these past several months, we will continue to enjoy Morning Prayer on the last Sunday of each month.  

Happy Friday to one and all. I hope you enjoy your weekend, and can get out and enjoy a bit of the beauty surrounding us on every side.

Most of all I look forward to seeing you this Sunday morning, for worship !

You in faith and love,


~ Readings for this Sunday ~

Psalm 99
Exodus 33:12-23

Matthew 22:15-22


All Saints Sunday Memorial List

 Please submit by email the names of those you would like included in the Christ Church All Saints Memorial Prayer List to christchurchluray@earthlink.net no later than Wednesday, October 28th.

~ Prayer Lists ~

Parish Prayer List  Darold Johnson, Ed Gilbert, Steve Kaufmann, Fritz Browne, Ann Holsinger, Ginny Browne, Hugh and Joey Browne, Pat Lathrop, Katie McAleer, Bill Menefee, Betsy Dilliard, Tom and Diane Hirsch, Deacon Marty Dooley and her family, Joseph Ripley and his neighbors at Hawksbill Assisted Living; and Dotsy Barber, Ross and Jeanne Montgomery, David and Kathy Slye and daughters Jamie and Kelly, Susan Zorn, and Larry Comstock.

Parish Birthdays and AnniversariesHappy Birthday wishes this week going out to Will Dudley and also to Bud Martin.

Friends & Family Prayer List Dixon Freeland Jr., Fritz and Jean Trumbore, Victoria Hill, Talley Brown (Jeanne Cave’s brother), Sherry and Mike Meredith, Nelly Texler(Nina Culler’s sister), Joyce M. Ripley, Terry Couse, Mickey Couse, Patsy Painter, Judy Riley, Caroline Melia (Ann and Ginny’s cousin), Vicki Gochenour, Patty Whitmer, Georgia and John Wilmer (Carrie Comer’s parents), Debbie Jenkins, Sherry Smith, Phyllis Alger, Mary Ann Vaughan, Edna Young, the daughters and grandchildren of Debbie Forrest, Hazel Mills, Margaret Stephenson, Kate Eagle, Susan and Jim Melia (Ann and Ginny’s cousins), Marta Kemmerer (Ann and Ginny’s cousins), Crystal and Rob Volten, Bill and Carol Harrell, Lisa Stiner, Tom Ewing (Becky Higginbotham’s cousins), Charles and Carolyn Roesch (Becky Higginbotham’s mom and dad), Lee Roesch (Becky Higginbotham's uncle); Shawane Atkins, Brayden Rodriguez, Lucy and Mark Woolard, Doug Cook, Jennifer Gibbs and her mom Alison; and for Shirley Whitley, Sherry Smith (Roberta Arcand’s neighbor), Marilyn Jeffries and family, Alex Zuber, Virginia Martin (Linda Dudley’s mother), Nichole Flood (a dear friend of Pat Lathrop’s diagnosed with breast cancer in the midst of her pregnancy); Preston Sudduth, Beth and Tommy Brennan (Pat Lathrop’s daughter and son-in-law); Michael, Jessica, Matt and Tiffany and Baby Greyson Hirsch (Tom and Diane’s children and grandson), Norm Hirsch (Tom’s father), Nate Stambaugh (Diane’s nephew by marriage), Sue and Nick Bush (Diane's sister and nephew); Charlie Sour, Mike Normolye and family, RJ Redstrom and parents.

All who serve in the Armed Forces at home and abroad Chris Burns, Kara Cave, David Grisdale, Kyle Stewart, Danny Hallman, Bobby Cole, Buck Holsinger, Adam Greenwell, Andrew Fichtler, Steven Higgs, Cooper Martin, Gabe Caton, and Joey Browne.

Diocesan and Anglican Cycle of Prayer for the unity and mission of the Anglican Communion; for persecuted and suffering Churches, especially in Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Myanmar and Palestine; for Lutheran, Anglican, Moravian, Roman Catholic & United Methodist dioceses synods & conferences in Virginia and their bishops.

~ Announcements ~

Zoom Coffee HourAs Fall moves in we are making a few scheduling adjustments to our Zoom Coffee Hour Fellowship. Lowell Baughan, CEC’s ZOOM Coffee Hour host invites everyone to mark your calendars for ZOOM Coffee Hours the 1st Sunday of each month, 12-noon to 1 PM when we gather online for a time of parish fellowship. Drop in, drop out as it fits best with your schedule, you can enjoy your lunch at home while we visit, catching up and keeping up with one another. The link and password will be printed in the announcements and bulletin the weekend of our fellowship.

This Wednesday Evening’s Online Bible StudyJoin us this fall on Wednesday evenings, from 7-8 pm, for small group Bible Study. Coming up this next Wednesday, Oct. 21st Rev. Cathy will lead our small group study of Matthew 22:34-46. The group meets on ZOOM – email Cathy if you are interested in receiving an emailed reminder on next Wednesday with the ZOOM link.

A Message from Deacon Marty Concerning Her Deacon’s Work at CHOICES

A Page County agency which literally offers life-changing choices to people who previously have felt they had none.  CHOICES was founded as a shelter for women who were experiencing domestic abuse – physical, verbal, or emotional.  CHOICES helps women prepare to return to live in the community.


Right now, CHOICES needs our help with donations of canned goods such as canned tuna or chicken, vegetables and soups, as well as boxed foods such as side dishes or vegetables or macaroni/noodle products and rice dishes.  Bring your donations to church on Sunday and place them in the CHOICES donation box.  We will make sure thy get to CHOICES. If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, call CHOICES… 540-743-4414.

Deacon Marty+


Outreach Update on Beetle's Blessing Box Our friends at Luray Middle School are experiencing a year like no other in memory.  They are most appreciative of our donations.  Food is always a need but at this time they particularly need travel size hygiene products such as deodorant, shampoo, soap, and toothpaste, as well as single load laundry detergent products. 


  They also request prayers for their students and staff.

                  For the students

For the students who are beginning a new school year, give them curious minds, critical thinking skills, the ability to tell right from wrong and the courage to act with integrity. Help them to learn deep truths about this world and about people so that they may be good citizens for the good of the whole. For the students who struggle with learning, give them patience, confidence, and grace. Help them to know the many ways that you’ve gifted them, even if reading, math, or memorizing don’t come easy. For the students for whom learning does come easily, help them with the gift of humility. May they all know enough challenges to keep them sharp, strong, and grateful and enough successes to keep them engaged, confident, and proud of themselves. For the students who are lonely, hurt, unsafe, unwell, anxious or depressed, breathe your peace and health into them; may they be supported by people who understand them and love them.

                   For the teachers

For the brave souls who wake each morning at the crack of dawn to educate other people’s children and love them like their own. It’s a tough job, God, please keep them from growing weary and cynical. Wrap them in your love, your peace, your wisdom, and your goodness. Help them to see the many ways that their gifts inspire learning, creativity, and compassion. And, please make sure they get enough good coffee, chocolate, and support from parents and administrators to keep ‘em going.



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