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Christ Episcopal Church's Friday Fellowship

February 5, 2020

~ An Update from the Rector ~

Grace and Peace to you....Matthew 4:2 "After fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry."

Can you believe it's only 12 days until the beginning of Lent....Ash Wednesday, falls this year on February 17th.

So this year I have decided to see if the youth of Christ Episcopal Church can help me make Lent extra special.

Traditionally Christians 'give up' something they really like during the season of Lent (some examples might be things such as: chocolates or other kinds of sweets, watching TV, playing x-box, eating some of their favorite foods, etc.)!!!  

So how do we give something up for Lent?  Well, there are probably lots and lots of different reasons people give things up during Lent. For Christians the choice to 'give up something' (something we REALLY like) requires us to 'take a break' from what is normal and struggle for 40 days to do without it, in the same way Jesus himself fasted for 40 days during his time in the wilderness. 

The hope is that our fasting will give us time and experiences we can put to use as we examine our lives, and seek to become the men and women, boys and girls God created each of us to be.

So this year... instead of deciding for what I choose to give up for Lent.... I have decided to do things differently. I am inviting anyone age 18 or younger in our church, to text me, email me, or call me sometime on ASH Wednesday, February 17th, and assign me 1 thing you decide I need to 'give up' for Lent.

I am calling out: Paul, Stella, Amalie, Meadow, Mary Nelson, Patrick, Mason, Malin, Bridgett, Eleanor, Willow, Elizabeth, Brigid, Maeve, and CJ, here's your chance to help me make this an extra special Lent. If your are under 10 years of age, I think you might want to talk with your parents about this and let them help you pick. 

There are 14 of you I am inviting to help me with this. If I hear back from all 14, I will donate $100 to help buy supplies for the Blessing Box at Luray Middle School AND. Along the way I will let you know how I am doing, AND on EASTER SUNDAY all the kids who participated will take turns in shaving the Rector's head immediately following the end of Easter Sunday service. Remember you each get 1 chance to name 1 thing for me to give up over the 40 days of  Lent! 

I can't wait to see what you come up with. There are a few limitations on what you can assign me. I cannot give up important things like: bathing, caring for Dilbert, things related to healthy living, or doing my ministry.   So let's see what you come up with. 



~ Readings for this Sunday ~

Isaiah 40:21-31
Psalm 147:1-12, 21c
1 Corinthians 9:16-23
Mark 1:29-39

~ Prayer Lists ~

Parish Prayer List  Darold Johnson, Ed Gilbert, Steve Kaufmann, Fritz Browne, Ann Holsinger, Ginny Browne, Hugh Browne and son Joey, Pat Lathrop, Katie McAleer, Betsy Dilliard, Dotsy Barber, Ross and Jeanne Montgomery, Tom Hirsch and his sonMatt, David and Kathy Slye and daughters Jamie and Kelly, Joseph Ripley, and Sam Thomas.

Parish Birthdays and Anniversaries

Birthday blessings this coming week for Stella Kramer, Nolan Jefferies, and Jeff Sponaugle.

Friends & Family Prayer List Dixon Freeland Jr., Fritz and Jean Trumbore, Victoria Hill, Talley Brown (Jeanne Cave’s brother), Nelly Texler (Nina Culler’s sister), Joyce M. Ripley (Joseph’s mother), Georgia and John Wilmer (Carrie Comer’s parents); Susan, Jim and Caroline Melia (Ann and Ginny’s family), Marta Kemmerer (Ann and Ginny’s cousin), Bill and Carol Harrell, Tom Ewing and wife Lucy (Tom is Becky Higginbotham’s cousin), Carolyn Roesch (Becky Higginbotham’s mom), Brayden Rodriguez, Jennifer Gibbs and her mom Alison (Roberta’s family);  Virginia Martin (Linda Dudley’s mother), Nichole Flood (a dear friend of Pat Lathrop); Beth and Tommy Brennan (Pat Lathrop’s daughter and son-in-law); Chuck Smiraldo (friend of Susan Dees), Nancy Morgan and Cynthia Hatlee (Debbie Forest’s sister and niece), Nancy Gordon and family, Sunny Koontz (friend of Jenny Jefferies), Mark Landcaster, and family (Roberta’s friend), James Thomas Ripley (brother of Joseph), and Bishop Robert Wright , Bishop of the Diocese of Atlanta (ill with COVID-19), Leroy and Bonnie Lancaster (friends of Roberta’s sick with COVID-19, David Wright (friend of Rev. Cathy’s having surgery at INOVA Fairfax), CHO Mon and Hnin Hnin Aye (VTS Seminary classmates of Rev. Cathy serving in Myanmar).


All who serve in the Armed Forces at home and abroad Chris Burns, Kara Cave, David Grisdale, Kyle Stewart, Danny Hallman, Bobby Cole, Buck Holsinger, Adam Greenwell, Andrew Fichtler, Steven Higgs, Cooper Martin, Gabe Caton, Joey Browne, and Tom Forrest.

Diocesan and Anglican Cycle of Prayer for the unity and mission of the Anglican Communion; for persecuted and suffering Churches, especially in Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Myanmar and Palestine; for Lutheran, Anglican, Moravian, Roman Catholic & United Methodist dioceses synods & conferences in Virginia and their bishops.


~ Announcements ~

Updated CEC Parish Directory The parish directory has been undated and was attached to the February 5th Friday Fellowship email. Greeters today will have a few hard copies available for anyone requesting one.

Forward Day by Day The February/March/April edition of the Forward Day by Day devotionals are available today from the greeters in the church parking lot. If you want a copy and are not able to be at worship please let Jill know so that she can work with Cathy to get one delivered.


Warm Welcome to the 2021 Vestry

David Slye, Sr. Warden

Susan Dees, Jr. Warden

Darold Johnson, Treasurer

Lowell Baughan

Becca Hudson

Ginny Browne

Jeanne Cave

Diane Hirsch


Updates for February

Beetle's Blessing Box Our partnership with Luray Middle School to help keep the Beetle's Blessing Box stocked continues. 

For February

Canned fruit or fruit cups


Canned vegetables

Cereal (not oatmeal)

Oodles of Noodles

Lent-at-Home Resources
Next Sunday, February 14th, Rev. Cathy and Deacon Marty will have Lent-at-Home bags to give out as members depart the parking lot. Inside will be resources for Ash Wednesday and beyond.

Ash Wednesday Services This year all Ash Wednesday services will be live-streamed from the church chancel at 12-noon on Wednesday, February 17th; and again at 7 pm. The mid-day service will be spoken and the evening service will include music. The bulletins for both services will be sent out via email Tuesday, February 16th.  Resources and instructions for at-home imposition of ashes will be included in the Lent-at-Home bags.


 Church Bulletin: Fifth_Sunday_after_the_Epiphany.pdf

Sunday Paper: Sunday_Paper_2.7.pdf

Junior Paper: Junior_Paper_2.7.pdf

Prayers: Love_Guides_Us_Prayers.pdf